Friday, July 03, 2009

I knitted something.

It's one of the great ironies of academic life: when we get lots of free time (I've been on leave since January) we actually feel that we have LESS time for non-work activities like updating blogs, reading for pleasure, home maintenance, and personal hygiene. This is because when you have unstructured time in which you are supposed to be doing something huge and insurmountable (in my case, writing my second novel) it feels like it's never acceptable to take the time to do anything else. After all, you're on leave! You should be producing! How many pages have you written today! Etc.

Anyway, that's sort of an excuse for how little I've been updating this blog lately, even with all the NASA news that's been going on. I hope to update you with my fascinating thoughts about recent goings-on when I get the chance (probably, when I get back to a normal teaching schedule).

For the time being, please enjoy one non-work-related thing I've managed to get done: I knitted matching sweaters for a colleague's newborn twins. Knitting might seem as though it should fall into the above non-work category, but knitting is what I do when I watch Netflix movies with my Associate in the evening, and so knitting projects have been continuing apace. Coming next: a hand-knitted reusable Swiffer cover. Oh, no, I'm not kidding.

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Kelly said...

Hi, Margaret! Don't know if you'll remember me--I used to work for Chris at UMP.

I just stumbled on your blog and had to comment on these sweaters! This is the February Lady pattern from Elizabeth Zimmerman, no? I just made an adult-sized version for my mom. LOVE it!

Best of luck with your work on the second novel. My first is coming out next spring. Am working on revisions now, which is why I am trolling blogs instead of doing what I should be doing. . .